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Create, Produce, and Sell Your Music - 10 Reasons You Can do this from the Comfort of Your Home

1. You don't have to be an expert.

Create music the best you can, just get it recorded and 

polish it up later. Rough tracks are not always a bad 

thing. They can be an excellent starting point for a great 

song. Many people can appreciate raw music and may even 

want to collaborate with you to make your music even better. 

Putting together music that isn't perfect is better than 

keeping the music inside of you and not sharing your 

creativity and talents with others.

2. You can create quality recordings without going to a 

professional recording studio.

There is excellent home recording software and recording 

devices available. Reading a manual, contacting customer 

support, and visiting chat rooms can go a long ways in 

helping you improve your recording skills. Don't be 

intimidated. Play around with your recording device, or 

recording software. If you are patient with yourself, you 

can have a lot of fun, learn a lot, and your recordings can 

really start to come together.

Also consider hanging out in a music store occasionally to 

learn some great tips from other musicians. Sales reps are 

normally more than happy to help you out and even share 

their personal experiences they have had with a product. If 

they don't have experience with the product you are looking 

for, chances are they can find someone in the store who has 

experience, or can direct you to the right place.

3. Home is your sanctuary, when you relax get your 

inspiration from your environment then capture your 

creativity in your recording. When you create music from 

the comfort of your home your creativity can be limitless.

You can create, record, and sell music from home while 

you're in your pajamas. Nothing wrong with that! A lot of 

good creativity can happen at that into a cool 

new song, and record it so you'll remember it for years to 

come. You can mess up a thousand times, and no one has to 

know. Practice to your hearts content, then record your 

tunes as many times as you need to until you get the sound 

that makes you happy.

You may also be able to tune out negative influences at 

home, so that's a good place to foster your creativity. 

Your home is a great place to kick back and relax, and when 

you're relaxed and feeling good, or bad, this is a great 

time to go play some music and/or lay down a couple of 

tracks of music. You are free to work at your own pace with 

no one looking over your shoulder, so that can be great time 

to be creative and come up with some music ideas. Work in 

the comfort of your home, be comfortable and relaxed, be 

creative and show how unique you can be through your music.

4. You can create music as fast or slow as you want...go at 

your own pace.

There doesn't have to be anyone pressuring you to lay down 

your tracks at warp speed. You can record a track, go eat 

some lunch, workout, then record another track if you 

choose. You can lock yourself in your music room for as 

long as you want if that works for you, and really make some 

great progress on working out some licks, writing some 

tunes, or even recording music. You don't have to pay for an 

expensive recording studio, so you can take your time 

creating your music.

5. Home recording trends are growing, and you can easily 

take advantage of new technologies developed for musicians 

just like you who want to record their music at home.

Resources are available to easily record music at home at a 

very reasonable price, so no more excuses. Thousands of 

people are recording their own music from home. They have 

all different skill levels. There is a place for you out 

there too...go get yours!

6. What you don't know you can learn from home using your 

computer and some great online resources.

You can instantly download music lessons and work at your 

own pace. You can join forums full of people just like you, 

who are working on making their own music from home, and you 

can share tips with each other. There are resources where 

you get video demonstrations that walk you through different 

processes e.g. playing a guitar...step by step.

7. The internet has endless possibilities and reaches 

millions of people...get your good music in front of more 

people on the internet and you can have more music sales.

You can sell your music right off of your website. You can 

sell your music from an online music store. There are free 

advertising resources available where you can get your music 

in front of other musicians and prospective customers. 

There are online communities for musicians who want to get 

their music heard by can offer support for other 

musicians, and they can do the same for you. This can lead 

to more CD and MP3 sales too. You can get your own online 

radio station to play your music, or get your music played 

on other online radio stations to increase your exposure. 

The possibilities for getting your music heard are endless 

if you take advantage of the power of the internet.

8. You have full control over how your music turns out.

You are creating, producing, and selling your own music. No 

one should stand in your way. You can keep 100% of your 

hard earned profits if you choose.

9. You can have a huge sense of accomplishments by creating 

your music from scratch, producing it, and selling your own 


You are responsible for the music you create. A lot of 

satisfaction can come with that...taking action will show you 

that you can do it, like you always knew you could!

10. Don't underestimate your abilities. You may be a better 

musician than you think. You can get your music out to the 

public to let others experience your unique creativity.

You may not think your good enough to sell your own music, 

but how do you know if you don't even try? Get your music 

in front of others and let them appreciate all of your 

creativity and efforts. For every person you think won't 

like your music, there may be 10 others that do. Fear is 

natural, but don't let it stand in the way of you achieving 

greatness that may be within you.

There are some great recordings, and a lot of rough 

recordings out there that may get some great buzz because 

they are getting their music out there. Why can't you do 

the same? Taking action is the first step. You may be a 

better musician than you think.

Your music may sound pretty good to you, but get your music 

in front of others, and they may be amazed on what you can 

do. That interest, and/or amazement with your music can be a 

great tool for fostering your motivation and creativity too! 

Remember, you never know what you can do until you try. No 

more CAN Create, Produce, and Sell your music 

from home. You have nothing to lose, so get started today!


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