Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Indie Music Marketing - Why Indie Musicians Are Struggling to Sell Music

If you are an indie musician and you are struggling to sell your music, if you are struggling to get publicity, then it is probably because of at least one of these three reasons:

Reason # 1. Indie Musicians have forgotten, or are not aware of, the true value and power of music. 

Indie musicians have to think more like entrepreneurs. Every successful entrepreneur ask this question: What is the value of the work that I do or the product I make? In other words, for your music, what problem does your music solve for my target audience? If you can answer that question, then you have the mind of a music entrepreneur.

The music industry has cheapened the value of music and reduced the value of it to entertainment, to a catchy beat or hook, to packaging. These are all features and not benefits. All marketers know that in order to effectively market your product, you have to focus on the benefits that your product delivers to the consumer. You shouldn't focus on the features. The value of your product is not in the features but in the benefits. The value of your music is not in your hook or your beat but it's in how people receive your hook. It's in how your hook/beat/lyrics solves the problems of others.

Music is more than entertainment for fans. It has more value and more power. When you as an indie musician begin to focus on the real value and power of your music, you will build a successful business model that allows you to connect with your fans and give your fans a reason to buy your music.

People do not just want to be entertained. It is true that people buy music to be entertained, but real entrepreneurs dig deeper to find out the real motivation behind why people buy music. Why do people want to be entertained? Why do people want to be entertained with music? When you can answer those questions, then you will know the value of music and can give people a reason to buy it.

So why do people listen to music? There are many reasons. One reason, people use entertainment as escapism. People turn to music to get their minds off of the struggles they face everyday. It helps them deal with their struggles and problems. People listen to music when they are happy and when they are sad. Listening to music is an emotional experience for so many people. People love the way it makes them feel. It has the power to change our moods. Music inspires, motivates. It is so much more than entertainment and a catchy hook.

If you don't understand the value that your music has in the lives of fans, then you will have a hard time marketing, promoting and selling your music. If you don't know the problems and challenges that your fans have, then you are not a music entrepreneur. If you don't know the problem that your music solves for these people, then you are not a music entrepreneur. If you have not created music that solves their problems, then you are not a music entrepreneur.

Reason # 2. Indie Musicians do not communicate the real value of their music This reason aims at how musicians market and promote their music. In your marketing and promotion, you have to emphasize the value your music has to your fans. In other words, how does your music impact your fans? How are the lives of your fans transformed because they have listened to your music?

Reason # 3. Indie Musicians do not deliver the value of their music to their fans. This is all about distribution, how your music is delivered, received, and experienced by your fans. This is about how your fans experience your brand. Did you deliver what you promised? If you marketed your show as the best live show in your city, then was it the best live show your fans have experienced?


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